Tracks Brew Pub

Dear Loyal Customer,

Welcome to Tracks Brew Pub. We invite you on a journey that started over a century ago when this historic building once held Brampton's Knitting Mill. Built in 1910, this structure inhabits countless memories and is a prominent piece of Brampton's Heritage.

When exploring...


Take a glance at the history of your surroundings! The BKM above the fireplace is an acronym for Brampton Knitting Mill; the mirrors on the wall are converted doors, the wheels hanging from the ceiling are pulleys and the wooden socks were used decades ago as sock stretchers. 

Tracks combines the significance of the past with the best of current times. We strive to maintain our prestige by providing you with scrumptious dishes and our unique Old Mill Lager.

​We hope that this insight into our past makes your eating experience that much more pleasurable and meaningful. Sit back, relax, and let us ensure your stay will be a memorable one, as you too become apart of Tracks' fine history!